The well-n-calm is a resource to guide archiving various well data related to groundwater problems in California. Currently, it is focused to provide a consistent format to organize compiled well data in Envrionmental Geophysics group at Stanford. We share our lessons learned to compile well data in our group for past 5 years while solving groundwater problems in California. List of major projects incuding well data are:

  • Butte
  • Kaweah (Tulare)
  • Indian Wells Valley
  • San Louis Obispo

With the organization of well data in these projects, we also develop a basic python code base such that one can easily explore the existing data sets, import new data, and export the data sets to various formats (e.g. LAS, CSV).


Location of the water wells in California. Around milllon wells are plotted.


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  • Akash Ahamed
  • Alex Kendrick
  • Ian Gottschalk
  • Matt Lees
  • Meredith Goebel
  • Noah Dewar
  • Rosemary Knight
  • Seogi Kang (@sgkang)